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Stay warm & sleek

Farewell to bulky, large and heavy clothing. Stay warm, sleek and stylish under your favourite fashion in chilly weather.

  • Warming up your upper back to increase core temperature

  • Soothing stiff back

  • made of yarn recycling from 2 PET bottles and conductive yarn

  • only 88 gram weight (without battery)

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  • 迅速溫暖背部有助提升體溫 達至御寒功效

  • 紓緩背部疲勞

  • 約兩個回收PET膠樽再造紗線編織

  • 88克重量(不連電池)方便攜帶


Soft and minimal

The adjustable straps are secured by interlacing with the slit to stay soft and flexible. The pocket on the right hand side is to hold the battery and cable control while the wider shoulder strap on the left is to balance the weight of slim battery on the other side.


簡約設計 柔軟貼身


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